If I do not like the game, can I get my money back?
The goods purchased by the buyer are not refundable or exchangeable when the goods have been received.
Is it possible to buy a game as a gift?
Yes, you can forward the received key after purchase, but please note that any game can be activated only once.
I bought the game, how and where can I get it?
Your purchases are sent to the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration or order.
What is the activation region?
The list of countries is indicated at the time of booking!
How can I pay for the goods?
You will see a full list of available payment options in the shopping cart. You can pay using CRYCASH and other currencies.
I want to pay for goods with a credit card, is it safe?
Completely safe! The funds will be charged only at the amount indicated for the selected goods when placing an order. Also, it is impossible to place an order if the owner of the bank card does not have the 3D-Secure protection connected to safeguard both the shop and the buyer from scammers!
I bought the game, but when I activate it, it says that the product is not designed for my region!
This problem can only occur if you did not pay attention and / or ignored the warning about regional restrictions. And also if you live in the country not available for the activation of this product.
What if the game crashes, hangs or does not start?
The store is not responsible for any technical problems with the game. In this case, we recommend you to contact the technical support of the game developer.
I bought the game, but did not receive the key by e-mail!
Check the spam folder, if there is no key there, then write to support at [email protected]